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We take care of IoT connectivity, security, and lifecycle management so you can take care of business


  • PoC to production on a single platform
  • Ship in months
  • Enables easy retrofits


  • Millions of devices on the platform
  • 24 billion messages per month
  • 100+ global customers


  • 1st IoT Platform cybersecurity certified to UL 2900-2-2
  • Edge-to-cloud integrated security
  • Managed for lifetime of product

Meet the only secure IoT platform that ships at scale

The Electric Imp platform enables secure and frictionless flow of your data between your product and your cloud on any product, any time, anywhere

Trusted by manufacturers to securely
manage their IoT

“Just like our customers in the food and beverage industry rely on us to improve the customer experience through connected technology, we in turn rely on Electric Imp for the secure device-to-cloud connectivity that is vital to our solution. Electric Imp allowed us to get to market quickly by focusing on creating real value for our clients, not spending precious time on the connectivity component they already perfected.”

Carlos Apodaca, Founder and CEO, Actus

“Thanks to IoT, we can pull information from our products to support our customers in new and innovative ways. Moving to cloud connected posed significant security issues and we needed a partner with deep security expertise so we could focus on what we do best in meeting our customers’ needs.  Electric Imp has been this expert partner for us. They’ve been very responsive and the exceptional collaboration has allowed us to move much more rapidly in the marketplace.”

Ron Thompson, Director of Business Development, Eaton

“It’s not just about operations. It’s about making KiWi products easier to install and configure. Electric Imp makes it possible for each Fruit device to be secure and managed throughout its entire lifecycle, which makes it easier for us to help our customers significantly lower their energy costs.”

Yoav Zingher, Co-Founder and CEO, Kiwi Power

“Creating an IoT-connected product was definitely outside our comfort zone. We excel at making mechanical pumps that work for decades under extreme conditions. To get into electronics and software and then deliver a great, secure product within a 12-month period is something to be proud of. Electric Imp’s platform made that fast time to market possible through IoT connectivity that is simple to deploy while also making it so much easier for consumers to use”

Caleb Peterson, Design Engineer, Liberty Pumps

“Electric Imp’s connectivity and security expertise allows us to focus on our core strengths, which are the design of hardware sensors and development of core prediction software. The Electric Imp Platform supports reliability and security by design, and provides a host of powerful advantages that allowed our team to dramatically reduce the time and cost of embedded software development.”

Abhinav Khushraj, Co-founder, Petasense

“I chose Electric Imp because Pitney Bowes could add wireless connectivity to the meters without having to make any changes to existing machines in customers’ offices.”

Roger Pilc, CIO, Pitney Bowes

“We have leveraged Electric Imp’s built-in security and device management to create a smart furniture platform to deliver contextual insights on availability, comfort, and ambiance. Electric Imp has made it easier for us to hide the complexity from our customers while delivering capability to scale globally.”

Raj Krishnamurthy, CEO, Workplace Fabric

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