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The Internet of Things (IoT) is the most revolutionary technology since the Industrial Revolution. Billions of connected devices are changing how we work, play, and live.

Our mission at Electric Imp is to transform the world through the power of connectivity.

We solve complex connectivity, security, and lifecycle management challenges so customers can get their IoT connected devices to market quickly — going from proof-of-concept to commercial products in mere months.

Electric Imp was founded in 2011 and is privately held. We are funded by Foxconn Technology Group, PTI Ventures, Rampart Capital, and Redpoint Ventures.

Why ‘Electric Imp’?
Back in the late 1960s, plans were forming to build ARPANET, a wide area network to connect computers that were being used by the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), to allow them to share resources and research. Over the decades since then, this network evolved and grew into what we know today as the internet.

In order to connect the diversity of minicomputers and mainframes that existed to this network, the researchers came up with a concept they called the “Interface Message Processor,” or IMP for short, which allowed computers which could not talk IP (the internet protocol) to participate in the network. Essentially, the IMP talked “internet” so other machines did not have to be taught to, increasing compatibility and reliability for everyone.

In the Internet of Things, most “things” also need such a translator to live safely on the internet, and that is how we came to the name “Electric Imp.”

Hugo Fiennes

Co-founder and CEO

A maker at heart, Hugo has always loved building things and making them work. He founded his first startup in 1985, selling his bulletin board and terminal emulation software and has been hooked on digital communications ever since.

After belatedly enrolling at the University of Warwick, he received his degree in Computer Systems Engineering. Shortly after graduating he started his next venture -- Empeg -- that built the world’s first in-car MP3 player (and second ever Linux-powered consumer device). Following Empeg’s acquisition by Rio, he spent several years working on networked and portable MP3 players before being lured to Apple with the promise of working on “a really really cool product.”

That product turned out to be the iPhone, and Hugo led the hardware team through the first four generations of the iconic device, before being tapped to build the first Nest thermostat.

During his time at Nest, Hugo realized that connected devices were going to change the world for the better, but only if they were secure, maintainable, and flexible -- and that these qualities were available to every device maker. Along with co-founder Peter Hartley, he came up with the unique architecture that forms the Electric Imp platform, and founded the company in 2011.

When Hugo is not working on solving big and small problems in the IoT, he can be found teaching Body Pump at the local YMCA.
Peter Hartley Profile Picture
Peter Hartley

Co-founder and Software Architect

Peter believes that engineering is the art of the repeatable. He demonstrates that philosophy in a Lego clock he built with working escapement and still admires well-engineered low-tech solutions. As Architect and Co-Founder, Peter draws from considerable software architecture and engineering expertise within a variety of disciplines, including animation, networking, and embedded multimedia, for companies such as DisplayLink and Sigmatel. Peter is a graduate of the University of Cambridge and is based in our office in England.

When Peter is not leading the engineering team, he can be found visiting botanical gardens or cooking up jambalaya.

Terrence Barr

Head of Customer Solutions Engineering

Terrence’s passion is solving complex problems. He takes pride in seeing through complexity and delivering real-world solutions that are technically innovative, drive meaningful business outcomes, and make a difference in the world. Terrence received a degree in Computer Science at the Munich University of Applied Sciences and considers himself a life learner. He has worked on many challenging and rewarding projects, including leading development of a connected vehicle platform used in millions of cars, leading the architecture team responsible for the Java Micro Edition widely used in consumer electronics, and driving strategy for Oracle’s IoT products and services.

Having grown up in the U.S. and Germany, Terrence is multicultural and bilingual and divides his time on both sides of the pond. A true adventurer, he engages in high risk sports … and let’s not forget wine tasting.

Andrew Houghton Profile Picture
Andrew Houghton

Head of Client Tools and Services Engineering

Andrew’s first words were “give me” in Arabic which is fitting as he was born and raised in the Middle East. Andrew received an English degree from Carnegie Mellon before falling in with the wrong crowd and pivoting to Computer Science, learning valuable management lessons herding software engineering students. Andrew leads the team providing customers the tools, services, and APIs to develop and produce connected products. He has nearly 20 years experience growing and leading engineering teams. Before coming to Electric Imp, Andrew was the CTO of Beats Music, leading a giant (80 person) team prior to their acquisition by Apple. He has deep experience building and scaling infrastructure and APIs for growth and manageability, and has been instrumental in architecting Electric Imp’s technology stack. Every once in a while you can hear Andrew exclaim "Yay, we get to fix a bug!"

When not working, Andrew has been observed indulging his sweet tooth by concocting various confections to share with his workmates.

Roger Lipscombe

Team Lead, Backend Software Engineering

Roger started programming at the age of 8 when his dad brought home a brand new Sinclair ZX81. Give him any kind of software challenge and he's in. His years of experience in programming have turned into a passion for reliability and scalability, principles he now applies to the Electric Imp cloud platform. As he likes to say "uptime is king". Roger received a Computer Science degree from the University of Warwick. As an avid snowboarder, he and a colleague once built a GPS app for snowboarders.

If he wasn't at Electric Imp, he would be in the Alps snowboarding by day and running a gin bar by night.

Shaun Myhill

Team Lead, Embedded Software Engineering

Shaun's interest in all things scientific led him to do a chemistry degree, where he first started using computers and became interested in programming. After completing a Masters in Remote Sensing and Image Processing he spent many years working on image processing projects. He then moved into audio, embedded firmware and USB video applications. He feels that creating great quality software is dependent on motivated teams, who have a strong sense of doing things right, and who relish the challenges that this creates. He has used agile and continuous-improvement techniques to lead teams to meet these goals and to enjoy themselves in the process.

Shaun lives in Cambridge, UK where all his spare time is spent having fun with with his family and occasionally practices his turntablist skills.

Brenda Rogers Profile Picture
Brenda Rogers

Head of People Operations

"Innovate or perish" is Brenda’s motto. As a champion of the open and collaborative culture built by Electric Imp founders, Brenda knows it must be nurtured and driven at all levels while balancing what is best for the business. Her philosophy is to treat people as you would be treated, even if it means learning to play foosball, writing a line of code, or indulging in an "It's It" ice cream with the team. As a certified coach with an infectious laugh, Brenda knows that the smart, creative and driven people are what makes Electric Imp a great place to work. A fourth generation Californian and a graduate of communications from UCSC, she is inspired by her love of travel beginning with the two years she spent in a Shinto pre-school in Tokyo. She is an avid fan of the Giants and Warriors and can be found cheering for her teams on most weekends.

If Brenda were not at Electric Imp, she would be a vintner sipping Pinot Noir in Sonoma.

Board of Directors

Our board represents a broad range of industry and category expertise, and it includes Electric Imp’s CEO and Co-founder as Chairman

Hugo Fiennes
Tomasz Tunguz
Jeff Hastings
Giles White
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