How it Works

The Electric Imp Platform is purpose-built for IoT with a unique edge-to-enterprise architecture; featuring fully integrated hardware, device and cloud software, communications, APIs, managed cloud services, and continuous security for a complete and solution-ready offering.


An Electric Imp deployment consists of three tiers:

  1. Device Tier

    The Electric Imp Platform and imp-authorized hardware module securely connects your new product or existing product retrofit to the Electric Imp Cloud.

  2. Electric Imp Cloud Tier

    The Electric Imp Cloud authenticates and manages all devices at scale, establishes secure connectivity, and handles the necessary processing and integrations as the data flows between the Device and Customer Cloud Tiers.

  3. Customer Cloud Tier

    Your IoT business application lives in the Customer Cloud where it receives trusted, reliable, processed device data from the Electric Imp Cloud.

The Electric Imp Platform connects almost any sensor, device, or system to your enterprise services and IoT applications quickly. It securely and seamlessly scales to large volumes, and keeps your IoT solution maintained for years.

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