What is it?

Asset management is a comprehensive approach to maximizing the efficiency, usage, and output of your organization’s personnel, facilities, equipment, goods, and other critical assets. Examples of asset management include improving office space utilization, reducing equipment downtime, and optimizing output of a machine or process.

IoT Benefits

An effective IoT asset management solution enables organizations to maximize operating efficiencies and eliminate waste, leading to improved workflow, better asset utilization, higher quality output, and ultimately increased profitability. It does this by providing organizations with actionable data about the status of their assets.

  • Insights into equipment availability, location, and usage history maximize utilization and improve safety for operators
  • Real-time insights allow personnel to be allocated based on immediate need
  • Maximize the operating efficiency of workplaces to improve productivity and staff comfort with real-time insights
Key Challenges

Implementing an asset management solution requires in-depth understanding an array of technologies; from device-to-cloud security to integrating with legacy systems, such as CRMs.

Additional considerations include:

  • Supporting assets in a variety of locations, including remote, mobile, or harsh environments which requires robust hardware, efficient battery operation, and reliable communications
  • Scalability to support potentially millions of assets, including simple installation and management
  • Ensuring rock-solid security of devices that are potentially subject to tampering
Why Electric Imp

The Electric Imp IoT platform uniquely combines platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and a hardware architecture optimized for cost and performance to address the key challenges of connected asset management. We offer a range of efficient hardware designs and communication options to support even the most difficult environments.

  • Seamlessly scale and track millions of assets
  • Easily integrate with back office systems for analysis and real-time actionable data
  • Comprehensive cybersecurity, from the device to the cloud for the lifetime of your deployment

The Electric Imp platform has enabled dozens of companies to quickly develop and deploy IoT connectivity solutions — going from prototype to commercial release in as few as five months. Companies can focus on their core competencies, rather than spending time and resources developing the necessary connectivity, end-to-end security, and cloud integrations already in the platform.

Use Case

Workplace Fabric

Workplace Fabric turned to Electric Imp for help in developing its Freespace on-demand workspace solution.

By integrating an Electric Imp module into its Freespace environmental monitoring device, Workplace Fabric can deploy sensor-based monitoring intelligence across its customers’ facilities.

Monitoring data and alerts stream into the Freespace cloud solution to show real-time availability of rooms and their environmental conditions, enabling people to choose the best office or conference room. Freespace gives organizations deep insights — including availability, environment, and user behavior — for live space management and optimizing workspace assets.

According to CEB Global, the average employee spends 27 hours per year finding the right space to work, causing businesses to lose $31 million every year to lost worker productivity.

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