What is it?

Security critical safeguards the infrastructure and assets that are mission-critical to the operation of your business. It is equally vital for your IoT infrastructure as breaches can damage your company’s brand, hurt customer relationships, and impact shareholder value.

IoT Benefits

Comprehensive IoT cybersecurity that protects your devices, data, communications, applications, cloud services, and operations produces critical business benefits.

  • Certified security establishes trust with customers and is increasingly a key market differentiator
  • Ensures that IoT data is trustworthy, timely, and accurate and that operations execute correctly — prerequisites for delivering business value
  • Ongoing security monitoring and maintenance minimizes business risks and costs related to current and future security issues

IoT cybersecurity is mandatory for preventing unauthorized access affecting an organization’s data, transactions, and infrastructure.

Key Challenges

Although mission critical, few organizations actually employ sufficient safeguards because IoT cybersecurity is complex and requires specialized expertise and an ongoing commitment.

The key challenges to securing an IoT deployment include:

  • Implementing a complete solution — which secures all layers from the device hardware to the cloud — is complicated and must be done by experts
  • Security must last the life of the connected product, which means years of security maintenance without business disruption
  • Third party IoT security solutions typically lack flexibility, require significant customization, and do not meet customers’ integration and time-to-market needs
Why Electric Imp

The Electric Imp Platform was designed from the ground up for fully integrated, end-to-end industrial-strength cybersecurity; and includes continuous security maintenance for the lifetime of your IoT solution.

The Electric Imp Platform addresses the key challenges of IoT security:

  • Fully integrated and complete security from the device to the cloud, covering all 7 layers of the security stack with no weak links
  • Includes continuous security and platform maintenance by Electric Imp, keeping your devices and applications secure for their lifetime
  • Is ready-to-use and integrates with your legacy systems for seamless interoperability, short time-to-market, and fast ROI
Use Case


EATON, a $20 billion power management giant, is developing its Energy Management Circuit Breaker (EMCB) to revolutionize residential power delivery and management. Smart breakers like the EMCB give utilities new capabilities for metering, analyzing power usage at the edge, and selectively cutting electricity to power-hungry appliances to prevent blackouts.

Industrial-strength security was a chief requirement due to the critical infrastructure aspect of the power grid, so EATON turned to Electric Imp. EATON integrated the Electric Imp authorized hardware into its smart breakers to ensure security and integrity from the home to the EATON service cloud.

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