Cybersecurity has become the primary inhibitor for companies looking to implement connected products. Electric Imp delivers continuous, industrial-strength, end-to-end IoT security with impSecure.

impSecure: 7 Layers of Managed Security

impSecureTM tightly integrates the seven layers of security of the Electric Imp Platform — from the silicon in the edge device all the way to the cloud — to deliver robust and easy-to-use end-to-end security that eliminates the weak links and security gaps found in most IoT designs.

Most importantly, impSecure continuously secures all devices in the field throughout the lifetime of the IoT solution, with remote security monitoring and quick-turn over-the-air (OTA) security updates. This critical service provides maximum protection against future threats, eliminating security concerns, and guards your business and reputation.

An overview of the security features and benefits of the Electric Imp IoT Connectivity Platform.