What is it?

Asset tracking allows your organization to track and locate personnel, equipment, goods, and other critical assets. You can use asset tracking to ensure your personnel and capital equipment are properly deployed to support business operations and serve your customers.

IoT Benefits

IoT connectivity allows companies to track their assets in real-time and with pinpoint accuracy to improve workflow efficiency, equipment utilization, and service levels.

  • Quickly locating critical equipment and goods improves workflow, operating efficiency, and eliminates costly and time-consuming workplace stoppages
  • Real-time location tracking and alerting of high-value items minimizes losses, theft, and supply chain disruption
  • Increase employee availability, minimize time loss, and increase safety by verifying their location
Key Challenges

The connectivity solution for an asset tracking application must support reliable wireless connections, be easily installed and maintained, and it must be scalable. Developing such a solution is hard and complex. It requires extensive experience with cybersecurity, hardware and communications design, location technologies, cloud integrations, scalability, and platform and security maintenance.

The chief challenges of asset tracking include:

  • Ability to simultaneously track thousands or even millions of assets that are continuously streaming billions of messages, such as Real Time Location Services (RTLS) events
  • Ensuring mission-critical security from the asset into the cloud
  • Realizing cost-effective hardware and software for device-to-cloud connectivity that meets profitability goals
Why Electric Imp

Electric Imp addresses the specific needs of asset tracking with its unique platform-as-a-service (PaaS), its designed-for-IoT hardware, and its communications architecture optimized for cost, performance, and function. It provides:

  • Proven scalability to track millions of assets and process billions of messages
  • Range of optimized wireless communications options for reliable connectivity and RTLS functionality
  • Mass volume, highly integrated IoT hardware and cost-effective commissioning and connectivity to deliver low and predictable TCO for long-term profitability

The Electric Imp Platform has all the components to successfully implement connected asset tracking. Companies can move quickly from a trial with just a handful of devices to large-scale commercial deployments tracking millions of assets.

Use Case

Asset Tracking through Ambient Lighting

Asset tracking through ambient lighting using smart LEDs is gaining steam in the market. In fact, these systems have proven extremely valuable, enabling enterprises to reduce energy consumption while maximizing operational efficiency and by improving utilization of the assets being tracked.

While asset tracking systems exist, they are often too difficult and too expensive to integrate with popular cloud apps, vulnerable to security attacks, or not flexible enough to address the business transformation of the IoT era.

Companies that have used the Electric Imp IoT Connectivity Platform have found it ideal for building asset tracking solutions that meet their customer’s most demanding requirements, can be customized to changing needs, and are secure. Pre-approved hardware modules with embedded Bluetooth LE sensor are powered by a purpose-built impOS to provide ample processing resources for edge intelligence at cost points necessary for mass deployment.

Smart LED lights with Electric Imp authorized hardware connect to the Lighting company’s cloud application platform through the Electric imp Connectivity Platform, which is UL-2900-2-2 cybersecurity certified, enabling customers to track any asset with a Bluetooth LE-based tag in real time throughout a building or warehouse.

As a result, organizations can create an entirely new, high-value IoT smart lighting and asset tracking solution to market rapidly, leveraging the proven security, performance, and scalability of the Electric Imp platform.

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