The Electric Imp architecture starts with impOS, the software foundation for the Electric Imp authorized hardware modules. An imp module running impOS provides device security, software execution and hardware interfacing, cloud connectivity, and remote device management for your product.

You can focus on creating a high-level product application using our development tools, and let our platform handle the underlying hardware details, interfaces, and connectivity management. Now you can securely connect your devices, and reliably deploy and execute your application on all your products — done. It’s really that easy.

imp-Authorized Hardware Modules

imp hardware modules are small, highly integrated and powerful devices in SMT packaging suitable for high-volume applications. imp modules are manufactured by Murata, a world leader in high-quality, high-volume modules with world-wide distribution channels. They are available in different configurations to suit a wide range of applications and can be purchased from Murata and their regionally franchised distributors as well as the leading electronic catalog distributors.

Each module includes:

  • Pre-loaded impOS and unique module keys
  • Tamper-resistant silicon-level security
  • Industry-standard application processor and memory
  • Low-power modes
  • A variety of hardware interfaces
  • Integrated cloud and local connectivity

When imp modules power up, they securely connect to the Electric Imp Cloud, perform OS and application updates if required, and run their application. All imp modules provide a consistent security, connectivity, and application environment — allowing you to choose the module best suited to each of your products. The impOS allows easy migration between imp modules and upgrading to future generations as they become available. Electric Imp securely updates the impOS on modules over their lifetime via over-the-air updates.

Just Released: the imp006

This is our most flexible imp module yet: choose between single- and dual-band WiFi (both with Bluetooth LE); Cat-M and NB-IoT cellular optional. Plus extensive general purpose I/O. Performance sufficient for a wide range of IoT applications. Learn more

Currently Shipping Modules

imp003 (Murata Type1CD)

2.4 GHz WiFi, many general purpose I/O, battery efficiency, and memory capacity and performance sufficient for a wide range of IoT applications. Read the imp003 Product Brief.

imp004m (Murata Type1MD)

Similar to imp003, but with an on-module antenna avoiding rf layout, integrated Bluetooth Low Energy and low power for a complete and highly integrated IoT node. Read the imp004m Product Brief.

imp005 (Murata Type1GC)

More powerful module with dual-band (2.4/5GHz) WiFi, 10/100Mb/s Ethernet, USB host, and substantially increased memory and performance for demanding IoT applications. Read the imp005 Product Brief.

The following Electric Imp authorized hardware modules are in preparation:  

A comparison of these modules can be found in the Electric Imp Dev Center.