Electric Imp Cloud

The Electric Imp Cloud is the endpoint for all device communications and provides all necessary managed services, including:

  • Device authentication
  • Device management
  • OTA updates
  • Scalability
  • Operations
  • Security maintenance

The Electric Imp Cloud has a virtualized representation of your device in the cloud and executes the application and integration logic on behalf of your device. This powerful design gives you maximum flexibility, cloud functionality, and seamless integration for your IoT solution.

Pre-built integrations are available for popular cloud services such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Salesforce, and others. Additional customized integrations can be easily developed for legacy services.

The Electric Imp Cloud is available as public and private cloud offerings.


Public Cloud

The Electric Imp Public Cloud is our multi-tenant option, providing readily available, secure, and cost-effective service.

Electric Imp deals with provisioning, scalability, and availability across the public cloud user base, offering the service for a simple per-device subscription fee. As your business scales, our cloud will scale with you, letting you concentrate on your products and customers.

Private Cloud

The Electric Imp Private Cloud is our single-tenant option, providing the ultimate in control, convenience, and configurability for you: you own the servers, but they are configured and operated by Electric Imp.

This option is ideal if you require complete control over the infrastructure, need custom configurations of the service, or need to meet specific data privacy and regulatory requirements. Private clouds can be deployed on either AWS or Azure.

Customer Cloud

The Customer Cloud is where IoT business applications and services live — typically including storage, analytics, business logic, enterprise orchestrations, and more.

If you have existing cloud services and applications platform, the Electric Imp Platform can easily integrate your products into your cloud to accelerate your IoT business.

If you do not have a suitable cloud service, you can work with our partners or your preferred vendors to deliver a streamlined IoT solution quickly.