What is it?

Connected commerce is the future of business, enabling retailers, service providers, financial institutions and consumers to transact business over IoT-connected devices.

IoT Benefits

Connected devices allow these transactions to be automated, demand-based and conducted virtually anywhere — including on the move — giving companies new ways to engage with customers.

  • The security of business transactions enables connected commerce
  • Automated delivery of electronic goods and services reduces costs and increases revenues
  • Fulfilling predictive demand creates new revenue sources
Key Challenges

The primary challenge to connected commerce is the need to conduct secure business transactions in potentially untrusted or hostile environments.

  • End-to-end security must meet differing regulatory, commercial, and regional requirements of all markets in which the solution is deployed
  • Requires seamless integration with existing commerce infrastructure
  • Customers expect fast, reliable transactions
Why Electric Imp

The Electric Imp Platform was designed from the outset to meet the critical requirements of connected commerce applications.

  • First and only IoT platform to receive UL Cybersecurity certification (UL2900-2-2)
  • Easily integrated with legacy infrastructures
  • Low latency ensures fast transactions

The platform enables companies to quickly move from small trials to large-scale commercial deployments with the confidence that all transactions will be secure for the lifetime of the device.

Use Case

Pitney Bowes

Businesses of all sizes throughout the U.S. rely on Pitney Bowes digital postage meters to mail their letters and packages. Recognizing the power IoT, Pitney Bowes launched an ambitious project to empower its hundreds of thousands of meters with compelling new connected commerce capabilities.

Pitney Bowes selected the Electric Imp platform to securely connect the meters to the Pitney Bowes Commerce Cloud, enabling postage to be automatically refilled, ink ordered, postal rate updates downloaded, and other connected commerce capabilities — achieving payback for their customers in just 45 days.

Connecting the postage meters has also reduced costly service calls by 20 percent. Pitney Bowes can now see error codes in real-time and remotely diagnose and fix many issues — such as a customer punching the wrong button — rather than having to send a technician.

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