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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Electric Imp?

Electric Imp provides an innovative and powerful service platform that makes it simple to connect devices to the Internet. Our unique WiFi-enabled solution — featuring fully integrated software, OS, APIs, cloud servers and hardware — dramatically decreases cost and time to market. The platform is reliable and secure, empowering businesses and developers to deploy, manage and quickly scale their connected products and services to millions of users.

Electric Imp, founded in 2011, has offices in Los Altos, California and Cambridge, England, and is funded by Redpoint Ventures and Lowercase Capital.

Why is the company named Electric Imp?

In the 1960s, ARPAnet — the precursor to the Internet — used Interface Message Processors (IMPs) to provide the networking services for network nodes. Our imps perform much the same function, but for the Internet of Things. Coincidentally, it was the inspiration for featuring the imp in our logo, which represents Electric Imp’s mischievous culture and disruptive nature of our mission to connect all devices to each other and to the Internet.

What is the Electric Imp connectivity platform and how does it work?

The Electric Imp connectivity platform is a powerful and comprehensive WiFi-enabled solution that features fully integrated hardware, software, OS, APIs and cloud services.

The platform begins with the imp, a hardware component which is intended for embedding with in a product or device. The imp is currently available in three form factors: the imp002, a soldered-down module for embedding within a product; the Murata-produced imp003, which is one tenth the size of the imp002 and features more I/O pins; and the Murata-made imp005, which adds 5GHz WiFi support and wired Ethernet. Inside each imp is a powerful processor that runs the impOS and an 802.11b/g/n WiFi radio.

impOS provides the secure connectivity upon which to build your application’s advanced features and services. The imp connects to the imp Cloud that provides cloud-side services for each and every imp in the field, enabling the flexibility to connect directly with your app, third party services, and your own servers. Because the imp always connects to the imp Cloud, the user doesn’t need to do any setup on their router — it just works.

The imp is set up using Electric Imp’s patented BlinkUp™ technology, which is available as an iOS and Android app. BlinkUp configures WiFi and authenticates the imp to your application. Coupled with the imp Cloud, many app-controlled devices can be run without any server of your own, significantly reducing time to market.

Please refer to the spec sheets for the imp hardware if you would like more technical information.

What can the imp platform be used for?

The Electric Imp platform can be used for a wide variety of functions ranging from consumer to industrial-grade. For instance, it can co-ordinate the timing of sprinklers in your garden to weather patterns, or remotely preheat your oven while you are on your way home from work. We even provide APIs that can be used for audio playback and recording.

The imp can also be used across a variety of factory and industrial settings, such as during the production process to track inventory or the flow and output of goods. In fact, the laser etcher on our production line is imp-enabled. Every imp card tattoos itself with the help of impOS and imp cloud, and lets us know it’s been born.

Whether meant for just you or for use on an enterprise level, the imp is built to scale and provides easy and seamless real time monitoring and management across millions of devices. Have an idea? Run it by us at info@electricimp.com to see if the imp is the right solution.

How does the imp platform scale to a high volume of products and users?

For manufacturers, Electric Imp offers tools — the imp IDE and Ops Console — that enable you to build, deploy, scale and monitor the activity of hundreds to millions of devices. Our web-based IDE gives you the freedom to develop code for your devices regardless of where you (or they) are, and once production ready, you can set up a factory-friendly enrollment process using the imp Ops Console.

When devices have left the factory line, you can monitor their status via the imp Ops Console. Plus, even after your devices have been distributed you can update and roll out new software bundles to them at any time.

Additionally, BlinkUp is licensed with a service agreement so if you plan to offer an app to your users you can seamlessly integrate BlinkUp to deliver the best customer experience.

If you are interested in learning more about scaling your imp-enabled product, contact us at sales@electricimp.com for more information.

What is the pricing model for Electric Imp?

Electric Imp offers several pricing options based on what cloud service you select including pay-as-you-go, term based, and enterprise solution pricing.

Contact us at sales@electricimp.com for more information.