When it comes to IoT adoption across industrial and commercial enterprises, we continue to see major roadblocks in the form of security concerns, systems compatibility, and the difficulty of integrating IT with operational technology.

To help address these challenges, we’re excited to announce our new “All-Azure” approach, which provides the ultimate in convenience by offering customers a private managed impCloud™ – fully hosted within Microsoft Azure – and full, high-performance integration with Azure IoT Hub.

According to Sam George, Director, Microsoft Azure IoT at Microsoft Corp., “Enterprises are looking for offerings backed by deep expertise as they adopt IoT. Electric Imp has many real-world, large scale industrial-grade IoT deployments. We’re excited that Electric Imp now integrates with Azure IoT Hub – our industrial strength, hyperscale IoT cloud gateway, providing our mutual customers with a commercial-grade combined offering.”

We built our integration to virtually eliminate the complexities of deploying, commissioning, securing, and managing IoT devices at scale for Azure IoT Hub deployments. Azure IoT Hub customers can now focus on capturing and using their valuable business data instead of worrying about overcoming the constantly-changing challenges of first mile connectivity and security.

Electric Imp’s All-Azure Solution for Industrial IoT

  • Private Azure Cloud

    Electric Imp provides an “All-Azure” approach, offering customers a private managed Electric Imp Cloud instance, fully hosted within Microsoft Azure.

  • High-performance AMQP Integration

    Electric Imp’s AMQP support is designed for secure, enterprise-scale, low-latency, bi-directional communication, making it ideally suited for a wide range of high-performance and near-realtime IoT applications.

  • Advanced Functionality for Demanding IoT Deployments

    Electric Imp’s Azure IoT Hub integration includes advanced functionality required for real-world solutions, including secure automatic device on-boarding, custom in-flight data processing and transformation, and fail-safe device management at scale.

  • Secure Integrations with Azure IoT Hub

    Our integration with Azure IoT Hub enables Electric Imp customers to leverage Microsoft’s storage and advanced data analytics, while simplifying the setup and management of highly scalable, secure communications between the silicon edge and your enterprise cloud.

To learn more, visit and find press releases, additional blog posts, and more details on how to get started with Electric Imp and Microsoft Azure today.

Padma Duvvuri, Head of Business Development, Electric Imp