We are on the bleeding edge of a technological revolution changing the world around us and how we live in it. We are creating a world that allows us to interact with our loved ones in meaningful new ways. A world that enables us to more deeply engage with whatever we are passionate about. A world in which we can better manage the chaos that surrounds us, and with a bit of work, help make the world a better place.

Electric Imp is doing more than just building a platform for the Internet of Things. We are creating a dynamic community of makers interested in exploring how to collectively change the world by connecting it.

Electric Imp’s Community is one of the most powerful tools within the Electric Imp ecosystem. You have helped us build a knowledge base around the Electric Imp platform. You have defined features and find bugs, and contributed code, schematics, and best practices that are used by a wide range of developers. The success the Electric Imp platform – and our customers – have had to date is due in no small part to the contributions you have made, and continue to make.

The Electric Imp Community has grown far beyond the tools we’ve provided so far. Developers have contributed tutorials to numerous sites, hosted meetups and workshops, and even started companies. We have played a role in driving some of these initiatives, but many others have happened organically through independently organized community events.

All this terrific activity culminates today with the introduction of the Community Portal, a new tool to further amplify your voice and make it easier to share your projects, expertise, and events with the entire Electric Imp and greater IoT communities.


We encourage you to visit our new Community Portal and sign up for our monthly Community Roundup Newsletter, which will showcase projects, code snippets, best practices, and much more from Electric Imp and the community at large. This is your community and we want you to help shape it.

If you have feedback or suggestions about the Community Portal, or Electric Imp’s Community in general, we encourage you to let us know at

Happy Hacking!

Matt Haines
Community Manager