Electric Imp and KORE Wireless have reinvented cellular IoT to dramatically eliminate complexity and finally deliver on the promise of cellular IoT: to make it simple, affordable, and ubiquitous.

Cellular IoT used to mean complexity. Negotiating with carriers, managing SIM subscriptions, dealing with data buckets and overages, integrating connectivity and applications, and securing the solution end-to-end meant companies spending too much time on cellular and not enough time delivering real IoT application value.

But no longer.

Focus on your app, not connectivity

Electric Imp cellular products — such as the new imp006 module — are powered by Super SIM, a global cellular connectivity platform that connects IoT devices around the world through Tier 1, all via a single SIM. All you need to do is power up your device.

So there are:

  • No activation charges.
  • No contract.
  • No carrier negotiations.
  • No need to anticipate monthly data usage to get the best price.

It’s all done for you, by Electric Imp and Super SIM. You get to focus on one thing only: your application. We take care of the rest.

Key service features

Pay as you go

Devices are billed only for the data they actually use

Smart Network Select

Your device can use an array of partner tier 1 global networks. Give your customers the coverage they deserve.

Cloud Agents

Cloud-hosted VMs deal with both simple and complex data integrations, without burning a byte of cellular data. HTTP and MQTT fully supported.


OS and security updates included for every device.

Of course, with our heritage of delivering secure WiFi and Ethernet connected devices, Electric Imp cellular devices can also support these protocols, so your application can use whichever network type is most suitable at a given time.


There is no contract — you can cancel at any time.

You pay from $3 per month for both SIM and service.

Data pricing depends on where your SIM connects — please see the Super SIM pricing page for more details.

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