Electric Imp is reinventing cellular IoT, dramatically eliminating complexity, and finally delivering on the promise of cellular IoT — making it simple, affordable, and ubiquitous.

Cellular networks have evolved from being human-centric to being machine-centric, but cellular IoT is still stuck in the SIM ages.

Until today, cellular IoT meant complexity. Negotiating with carriers, managing SIM subscriptions, dealing with data buckets and overages, integrating connectivity and applications, and securing the solution end-to-end meant companies spending too much time on cellular and not enough time delivering real IoT application value.

But no longer.

Just add power

With well over a million devices on its platform, Electric Imp knows how to help its customers ship and scale their IoT applications; we’ve now brought our unique architecture to cellular.

Network choice?
You get all the best ones.
Activation charges?
Deciding how much data you’ll need every month to get the best pricing?
Not necessary.
Runaway devices racking up huge bills?
Proven device-to-cloud cybersecurity?
Included, at no extra charge.

With impCellular, you get to focus one thing only: your application. We take care of the rest.

impCellular Service Features

Smart Activation

Devices are billed only for months they’re online.

Smart Select

Your device can use T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon networks, at the same price. Give your customers the coverage they deserve.

Smart Pool

All your devices’ data allowances are pooled, simplifying plan choice down to one.

Smart Throttle

Per-device data limits enforced without cutting connectivity, allowing runaway devices to be debugged without a truck roll.

Cloud Agents

Cloud-hosted VMs deal with both simple and complex data integrations, without burning a byte of cellular data. HTTP, MQTT and AMQP all supported.


OS and security updates delivered at no extra charge to every device.

Of course, with our heritage of delivering secure WiFi and Ethernet connected devices, impCellular devices can also support these protocols meaning your application can use whichever network type is most suitable at a given time.

impCellular hardware

Our initial cellular offerings are provided in a tiny m2 card form factor; this pluggable design simplifies stock management for global products, eases testing demands, and allows customers to move to future cellular standards without needing to change their product designs.

Both products include a secure ARM Cortex processor running impOS, generous application workspace, and full industrial temperature range support.

Ready to take the next step?