It’s a new year, which means it’s time for CES! Electric Imp is once again looking forward to showcasing its secure IoT platform as the show kicks off this week. At CES, we will spotlight “Real Solutions, Real Customers, Real Ecosystem” and feature commercial and industrial demos of applications from customers and partners Pitney Bowes, Microsoft, Salesforce, Eaton, KiWiPower, Smarter and several others.


If you are planning to attend CES and would like to meet with us, appointments can be made here. Electric Imp is located in the Venetian Hotel, Bassano (second floor) suite 2709, a two minute walk from the Sands Expo Hall.

While many people are still talking about the potential of the IoT, Electric Imp, its customers, and its ecosystem partners have been shipping IoT products in volume since 2012. The Electric Imp secure, all-in-one connectivity platform enables our customers to deliver connected products and services with confidence in record time, backed by certified edge-to-cloud security, massive scalability, and full product lifecycle support.

Meet With Electric Imp at CES to:

  • Experience our wide range of customer products spanning consumer, commercial, and industrial applications
  • Understand how you can leverage the Electric Imp platform and service to deliver connected solutions and transform your business
  • Learn about IoT security and how Electric Imp is the first and only IoT platform to feature UL 2900-2-2 Cybersecurity Certification, which provides unique benefits to you and your customers
  • Engage with our IoT experts, including Electric Imp CEO Hugo Fiennes, who will be on hand to answer your questions

Overview of Electric Imp CES Showcase:

Products and Solutions:

  • Pitney Bowes SmartLink™ Award-Winning Connected Postage Meter
  • EATON Energy Management Circuit Breaker (EMBC) and Data Analytics
  • KiWiPower Smart Metering and Energy Intelligence
  • Petasense Industrial Vibration Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance
  • Smarter FridgeCam™ and iKettle™
  • Actus + Ansync Solution for Commercial Asset Monitoring and Management
  • Breadware customizable WiFi/BTLE gateway
  • Exclusive sneak peeks of soon-to-be-released products and solutions

Technologies and Demos:

  • Microsoft IoT Central™ Connected Industrial PLC Demo
  • Salesforce Smart Fridge Demo
  • MongoDB Stitch Access Control Demo
  • Our full range of software-compatible imp modules, including impC001 module with packaged cellular service and imp004m module with fully integrated WiFi and Bluetooth LE support
  • Electric Imp impCentral™ IoT tools for development, manufacturing, and management
  • Electric Imp QuickStart hardware family and solution accelerators… and much more

We look forward to seeing you at CES!

The Electric Imp Team