If you belong to a gym, there’s a good chance you will be working out on a Cybex machine. Cybex is a worldwide leader in fitness equipment with a well-deserved reputation for innovation. Now the company is harnessing the Internet of Things to bring a new online service to the fitness industry — and they are using Electric Imp to provide the connectivity.

In March, Cybex launched Cybex Care, a new web-based asset management system that allows gym and fitness facilities to monitor equipment usage, reduce downtime and save money. Using a proprietary connectivity adaptor powered by Electric Imp, Cybex Care monitors fitness equipment in the field and delivers data to gym owners via a simple web-based dashboard. This allows gym owners to monitor Cybex machines for usage and trends from the front desk or even remotely. Additionally, using the Cyber Care data, owners can rotate high-use machines with those that are not, balancing the wear on equipment.

Providing this level of insight also allows for predictive maintenance, effectively extending the life of Cybex machines and reducing the time that equipment is out of commission — which, as any gym member will tell you, is a key contributor to customer satisfaction.

Cybex Care is a great example of how connectivity in the industrial space can be valuable for businesses in terms of lowering costs and inspiring new services. Industries across the board are exploring new opportunities to tap the potential of the Internet of Things to gather and monitor data, enhance products with new features and create additional revenue streams.

Through Electric Imp’s flexible and adaptable platform, Cybex was able to develop Cybex Care and deliver its benefits to customers quickly and cost-effectively, integrating with existing software, and connecting to already-available hardware interfaces while seamlessly integrating with Cybex’s backend systems. Electric Imp’s platform features a fully integrated, scalable approach that makes it easy for Cybex to continue adding more features over time.

That’s the true power of deploying with Electric Imp to power your commercial IoT: you have full control over your own platform and the ability to add features and services at any time. This sets Electric Imp apart from our competitors and makes integration with our platform easier and faster than any other connectivity solution on the market today.

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Hugo Fiennes

Electric Imp CEO