A major value of the Electric Imp Platform is our open, extensible and vibrant software and pre-built application integrations ecosystem. This ecosystem enables developers and customers to re-use code and expertise, easily assemble proven components and rapidly — yet securely — build IoT applications to accelerate time-to-market. According to our customers, this has helped them cut delivery times by weeks and months. At Electric Imp, we continuously expand and enhance our offering of ready-to-use open source cloud service integrations, hardware drivers and utility libraries. Check out the latest round of updates:

  • IBM Watson IoT A recently announced library that enables developers and data scientists to easily integrate their Electric Imp cloud-based agent with the IBM® Watson™ IoT Platform, including access to the IBM Watson IoT Platform HTTP REST API endpoints. For a comprehensive end-to-end example, go to IBM’s Electric Imp Smart Fridge Watson IoT recipe.
  • Conctr (pronounced ‘connector’) A library that allows developers to integrate their Electric Imp agents and devices with the Conctr IoT Platform from our integration partner Mystic Pants.
  • MessageManager A new, easy-to-use but advanced device-cloud communication library, which leverages the Electric Imp connectivity platform to provide developers with reliable, bi-directional, highly scalable and customizable messaging.
  • Updates to existing libraries We have enhanced a number of our popular libraries, including our AWS Kinesis Firehose, JSON Encoder, APDS9007 Ambient Light Sensor, Thermistor and Neopixel libraries.
  • Rocky Enables developers to rapidly build and expose scalable RESTful APIs on the Electric Imp impCloud™, allowing for easy custom integrations with other cloud services. Now updated to version 2.0.0.
  • New third-party library submission process If you have a custom cloud service, protocol, API or hardware device for which you have developed a library or integration, you can now share it with the world. We encourage third-parties to submit their open source libraries to Electric Imp for publication.

For a full list of libraries, see the Electric Imp Dev Center. We’re also currently busy working on major new and exciting functionality, to be announced soon. Stay tuned.

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So, go ahead and leverage the unique Electric Imp application platform and pre-built component ecosystem, and rapidly get your secure and intelligent IoT solution off the ground.

Jonathan Dillon

Customer Solutions Engineer

Electric Imp