Industrial manufacturing OEMs can now build and prototype IoT-enabled products more quickly and easily through a new collaboration between Electric Imp and Autodesk. With the Electric Imp IoT platform and Autodesk’s Fusion Connect, the two industry leaders have launched the IoT Discovery Toolkit, powered by Electric Imp. The comprehensive, first of its kind Toolkit provides the components manufacturers need to securely, rapidly, and cost-effectively evaluate the potential of industrial IoT business opportunities.

IoT Discovery Toolkit

Using the IoT Discovery Toolkit, industrial manufacturing OEMs can connect their devices and visualize IoT data in minutes, not hours or days. The Electric Imp IoT Platform provides firmware development, connectivity, scalability and security, while Autodesk Fusion Connect offers proven “no-coding” solutions for data management, analytics and business applications that remove the need for programmers or data scientists.

Moreover, industrial manufacturing OEMs using the IoT Discovery Toolkit can reduce risk with end-to-end security integrated from the start. It’s all part of an industrial-strength ecosystem that is helping accelerate IoT-enabled solutions and data-driven insights.

“The potential impact of IoT-enabled devices in industrial applications is vast and can enable predictive maintenance and streamline service operations,” said Hugo Fiennes, CEO and co-founder, Electric Imp. “The collaboration with Autodesk offers manufacturers a powerful business advantage – the ability to develop custom IoT-enabled products in a fraction of the time within an industrial-strength ecosystem that helps reduce risk through end-to-end security.”

“IoT is about building your business and your products around real-world data and driving precision business outcomes,” said Bryan Kester, director of IoT, Autodesk. “IoT is a very complex challenge because it combines a wide range of hardware, networking and cloud technologies. By teaming up with Electric Imp, our goal is to simplify the technology so that businesses can move straight to evaluating IoT business opportunities.”

Electric Imp and Autodesk are committed to helping you simplify the end-to-end industrial application development experience.

Padma Duvvuri
Head of Business Development
Electric Imp