Electric Imp recently surpassed a special milestone – our third anniversary. The collage above offers a visual snapshot of the past year and underscores the continued strong growth of our connectivity platform and products, customer base and community.

Here’s a recap of various highlights:

Platform and Products
Over the past 12 months we have continued to evolve and innovate our industry leading Internet of Things connectivity platform in the many ways.

  • The Electric Imp OS has become more powerful through the implementation of additional features including the launch of agents, a unique aspect of our platform that enables imps to perform powerful tasks that embedded devices could not otherwise do – such as communicate over HTTP with the rest of the Internet.

  • We announced an addition to the imp hardware lineup, the imp003 module, which is being produced and sold by Murata. The next generation module is 1/10th the size of first generation imp modules, and features easy to use power management and very flexible I/O configuration.

  • Usage of our platform is growing fast globally. Check out the graphic below to see where it is being used.


The Electric Imp platform is thriving in the marketplace and can be now be found in a growing collection of successful smart consumer products, including the popular Wink: Instantly Connected consumer devices from Quirky + GE, Rachio Iro, hiku and several others. Additionally, an increasing number of promising startup projects, such as ORBneXT, Mellow, and Pebble Air are using Electric Imp to empower their devices.

We are also starting to have an impact in the industrial sector – which we believe will showcase the new potential of the Internet of Things – through relationships with companies such as EnOcean, a manufacturer whose self-powered wireless monitoring and control systems are used primarily in building automation systems, transportation, logistics and smart homes; clean energy organization Bonded Energy Solutions; and Safer Aging, who have created advanced monitoring services for seniors.

Beyond the evolution of our products and platform, the Electric Imp developer community has grown in size and engagement.

  • With ever-increasing frequency, developers have contributed tutorials to numerous sites, hosted meetups and workshops, and even started companies. While we continue to host workshops and participate in hackathons, we’re happy to see that many others have occurred organically through independently organized community events.

  • We launched the Electric Imp Community website, which gives a voice to you and others in the community and makes it easier to share projects, expertise, and events throughout the entire Electric Imp and greater IoT developer ecosystems. Another way to stay current with the latest community happenings is through our developer newsletter, which you can sign up for here.

All of this activity gets us really excited about the next year and beyond. But we have barely scratched the surface in terms of what Electric Imp will be. Rest assured, we will continue our pioneering role as the leading innovator within the Internet of Things and provider of the best and most empowering connectivity solutions.

Tom Sarris
Communications Manager