By Padma Duvvuri
Head of Business Development
Electric Imp

Implementing a full-scale IoT solution can be challenging. Traditionally, it takes expertise and time to develop, deploy, connect, monitor, update, and manage solutions in the field. Then, customers are often faced with the demands of translating collected data into real-world business benefits to make the most out of their investment.

To help solve these challenges, Electric Imp is excited to offer commercial and industrial customers additional connectivity options to the Microsoft Azure Cloud. With Electric Imp’s powerful IoT platform, customers can easily and securely connect their new and retrofit IoT devices, while leveraging Microsoft’s Azure IoT services to realize the value of data analytics. The new offering includes a public impCloud™ on Azure, enabling both existing and new Microsoft customers to get started in Electric Imp’s multi-tenant environment. Customers also have the option to migrate to a private impCloud on Azure as their needs grow.

“Securely connecting devices to the Azure Cloud is a critical step for organizations on the path to digital transformation,” said Kevin Dallas, corporate vice president, IoT and intelligent cloud business development, Microsoft. “Enabling the application of Microsoft’s intelligent cloud services including AI, machine learning and deep neural networks through IoT leaders like Electric Imp makes it easier for customers to implement IoT solutions that deliver business impact.”

All users can benefit from the Azure IoT Hub integration – whether they’re using IoT Central’s “low-code” capabilities to rapidly build out production-grade IoT applications or IoT Suite’s expanded visibility and insights into business data. This means customers can focus on the value of their IoT offering without having to worry about first mile connectivity, security, or how to integrate into a back-end data platform.

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