We know how much you love Squirrel, the programming language that makes it easy to tell your imp powered devices what to do once they’re connected to the Internet. However, keeping pace with the explosive growth of the Internet of Things requires a language on a truly mythical scale, so today we proudly introduce a wonderful new friend for Squirrel – Electric Unicorn!  


Electric Unicorn is a different kind of animal, one that is swift, expressive and magical – built and optimized for today’s Internet of Things. Electric Unicorn isn’t just an evolution. It is a language so powerful and enchanting it is practically capable of making you dinner and doing the dishes if you asked it to. Politely, of course.

Okay, maybe we’re getting a bit ahead ourselves. While Electric Unicorn can’t make a Sunday roast with all the trimmings – at least not yet – it does do some pretty amazing things. Developed by the techno wizards at Electric Imp, Electric Unicorn represents an astounding breakthrough in the long sought-after solution to successfully integrate true artificial intelligence and natural language recognition into a programming language.  

With just a few simple word prompts, Electric Unicorn automatically interprets your intentions and understands what your project is all about. Just scribble snippets of code as though you’re writing an email to an old friend and the AI does the rest. And like that old friend, Electric Unicorn “gets” you.

For instance, say you’re building an Internet-enabled toaster. Here’s what sample code for a “Hello Toast” program would look like:


Electric Unicorn creates exquisitely beautiful code that is not only easy to write but intuitively utilizes all seven colors of the rainbow to accurately categorize function statements by color.


But the innovation doesn’t stop there. To continue optimizing the Electric Imp platform we’re equally excited to announce a plan to integrate SNOUT – Sensory Neural Olfactory Unicorn Technology – into our API. Though still in early beta, when released SNOUT will enable you to create devices that use our API’s incredible sense of smell to build a new generation of not just smart, but really, really smart devices.

As always, our singular goal at Electric Imp is to provide you with an amazing platform that inspires your creativity as a maker – and all of your senses – to help you create the best, most easily connected Internet of Things devices possible.

The Electric Imp team