Good news, everyone! A few weeks have gone by and we’ve sufficiently recovered from our collective Maker Faire hangover, so it’s time for another update on all things Electric Imp. Let’s get to it.

First off, we are happy to report that the recently announced imp module (imp002) is now in stock and available through our retail partner Digi-Key. Just in case you missed our imp module blog post, the module has the same advanced connectivity functionality as the imp001 card, and also benefits users who are seeking a more flexible hardware solution by incorporating twice the I/Os.

We also just released an update to the imp OS that includes new APIs for audio-out, wake-detect, additional RAM, and other features.

Moving ever forward, a new beta version of the Electric Imp app for Android, including enhancements to BlinkUp, is available. We’re looking for testers so if you’re using an Android device to BlinkUp your imps and are interested in participating in the beta, please contact us at beta@electricimp.com.

Switching gears, I want to share a video from our good friends at Quirky, who continue to devise fantastic products using the Imp for Internet connectivity. One of our favorite Quirky devices is the Pivot Power flexible power strip, which they are “plussing” with WiFi, turning a great product into an even better one:

The Imp Team Speaks
On the Imp team side, Hugo Fiennes will be speaking about Electric Imp at the Business Leaders Network Internet of Things 2013 forum in Cambridge, England on June 27. Electric Imp was honored by the conference as “One to Watch” in the fast emerging IoT space.

In the same vein, I’ll be at nestCon IoT 2013, speaking on the Connected Home panel. nestCon is in Redwood City, Calif. on June 25. Stop by and say hello after the panel if you’re planning to attend.

And developer relations evangelist Matt Haines was a recent guest on the Making Embedded Systems podcast, where he chatted about a variety of imp-related topics and the Internet of Things with host Elecia White. Take a listen when you get a chance!

Field Trip!
An imp team – led by Brandon Harris, our senior systems engineer, and our cadre of interns (who we’ll introduce in an upcoming post) ditched the office on a recent Friday afternoon on a mission to find a mile-long straight stretch of road to ‘formally’ test the WiFi range of an unmodified imp. Stay tuned to our blog for a future post to find out more about the device, the amazing range we were able to achieve, and directions to practically the only lengthy straight stretch of low-traffic road you can find anywhere on the Bay Area Peninsula (hint: it’s not exactly in a garden spot)!   

The Ever Expanding Imp Team
And finally, I’m pleased to introduce and welcome three new imp team members – Philip, Tom, and Brionna.

Phil Michaelson-Yeates, software engineer, joins Electric Imp’s Cambridge team in the UK from The Technology Partnership (TTP) where he worked on various embedded software projects, including the Wayve [research.microsoft.com/projects/wayve] situated messaging device in collaboration with Microsoft Research.

At school, he built a 6502 computer on a breadboard (it worked!) and is now inspiring his own kids and their friends about programming and electronics via the imp.

Phil is looking forward to building on the work done so far at Electric Imp, extending the platform and helping to turn all of your ideas into products. As a self-confessed tech hoarder, Phil has a whole man-cave full of “imp-ressionable” projects “imp-atiently” waiting to join the Internet of Things.

Tom Sarris, communications manager, comes to us by way of Google, Pixar and the now sadly defunct LucasArts. He’ll work his PR magic to help spread the word about Electric Imp and how we’re pioneering the Internet of Things by bringing connectivity to all devices everywhere.

As a long time grand prix racing fan, Tom’s ultimate Imp-enabled device would be a Formula 1 car. He thinks it would be cool for teams to use the Imp to stream data off the car during races, and have automatic real time performance adjustments made to it based on ambient and track temperatures, tire wear and fuel usage. Plus, ever the promoter, he would love to see the Electric Imp logo on the side of a McLaren one day. A boy can dream!

Brionna Seley, office manager, will put her expert organizational skills to use to make sure Electric Imp is a smoothly functioning (imp-powered) machine on a daily basis. She was excited to join Electric Imp because of our small size and relaxed culture, and for the opportunity to work around smart, creative people who are making new and interesting devices to help change the world.   

Welcome Phil, Tom and Brionna! We’re glad you’re a part of the Imp revolution. If you’re interested in joining us, please visit the Careers page on our website.

That’s all for now. I’ll be back with another Electric Imp update next month!

Kevin Fox
Co-founder and Director of User Experience