Developers and customers using the Electric Imp platform can now include ready-made code libraries, developed and hosted by Electric Imp, in their agent and device firmware.

Libraries are useful for beginning and advanced developers alike, accelerating the development of new code or enhancing existing software to extend device and agent functionality.

For example, the Salesforce’s agent library makes it simple to interact with your objects via the SalesForce API, and enables you to easily push information collected from your device(s) into your Salesforce CRM. Once data has been pushed into your Salesforce CRM, you can rely on their secure data storage, analytics, and other connected services.

Or take a look at the Twilio library, which allows you to create new ways of interacting with your devices through SMS text messages. The Twilio API lets you quickly and easily send SMS messages, as well as act as an HTTPS server to respond to SMS messages sent to your Twilio phone number.

In addition to these libraries, Electric Imp also offers a number of additional libraries that talk to other cloud services including Twitter, New Relic, Wolfram Data Drop, Pubnub, Xively, and KeenIO, with more integrations on the way.

Libraries are great to ease integration with cloud services, but they can also be used to wrap up all the driver code necessary for hardware attached to the imp.

If you are new to the Electric Imp platform, one of the most popular first-time projects involves controlling NeoPixel RGB LEDs using an imp-based device. With our NeoPixel library, you can start controlling these multi-color lights with just a few lines of code. In just a short time, you can be generating amazing special lighting effects, and begin adding colorful readouts to all your projects.

Alongside the NeoPixel library, we offer several others for a wide range of light, temperature, pressure and movement sensors. We will be increasing the number of devices with their own code libraries in the near future.

You can learn more about how to incorporate libraries into your device and agent code at the Dev Center. You can also find our current and growing list of libraries there.

As always, we welcome your suggestions. New libraries and new functionality will be available in the future; for the time being, if there are specific services or components you would like to see libraries for, please let us know on the Electric Imp Forums.

Andrew Houghton
Senior Software Engineer