One of the great things about the Electric Imp Platform is the ecosystem of drop-in libraries that allow developers to easily create highly functional and robust applications both on the device and in the cloud.

Here are some examples:

These libraries are very popular, and we keep making updates and additions based on developer, customer and partner demand.

Summary of the recent updates:

  • Autodesk Fusion Connect (previously Autodesk SeeControl) This is a new library released a short while ago that provides integration into the Autodesk Fusion Connect IoT platform.
  • Skyhook Precision Location Another recently released library that allows you to easily and precisely determine your device location based on WiFi, cellular, and other sources.
  • Microsoft Azure IoT Hub Client Integration of the Electric Imp platform with Azure IoT Hub and the wider Microsoft IoT platform, the latest release adds performance improvements.
  • AWS Request V4, AWS Kinesis Firehose Updated library supporting the latest API versions and compatibility with Dynamo DB.
  • JSON Encoder/Decoder Two new libraries for a small and optimized JSON encoder and decoder. 
  • JS Promises This library provides the popular JavaScript Promise pattern on the Electric Imp platform, now in version 3.0.0 as a major rewrite with a number of improvements and new features.
  • Electric Imp Factory Tools Provides support for Electric Imp’s connected manufacturing process, now adding imp Factory Agents. 
  • Electric Imp Bullwinkle, Rocky Provides a robust communication framework and RESTful API manager, now updated with several optimizations and fixes.
  • Electric Imp Pretty Printer New library that makes prettified output for application data easy.
  • CFAx33 LCD/keypad New device driver supporting the CrystalFonts CFAx33 LCD/keypad hardware.

Furthermore, we are working on upcoming libraries for IBM Watson IoT integration, Modbus-RTU support, a USB driver framework, printer drivers and more.

For a full list of libraries, see the Electric Imp Dev Center. So, get cranking on that code and stay tuned for more!

Terrence Barr,
Senior Solutions Architect,
Electric Imp