A belated happy new year from Electric Imp! 2014 has already gotten off to a fast start for us with all signs indicating that this is the year the Internet of Things truly arrives in the mainstream. Of course, we will be at the center of it all and continue to keep you updated every step of the way.

Let’s get 2014 rolling!

IDE and Getting Started Updates
Though the new year is only four weeks old, we’ve already completed several updates and bug fixes to the IDE. A frequently requested feature has been the ability to view and edit code for inactive models, and with the latest version of the IDE, you now can! You’ll also notice a few other changes, including the ability to edit code for a model without first selecting a device (although you’ll still need to select a device to run the code, or to view the device’s logs) and some extra information along the top of IDE when a device is selected.


We’ve also updated the Dev Center to include a new Examples section designed to bridge the gap between the Getting Started Guide and the API Docs. Right now, you’ll find various examples related to hardware, but we’ll be further building out our Examples section to include information about advanced WiFi control, building agent APIs, interacting with external web services, and more!

New Instructables
Last week, we tapped into the growing popularity of thermal printers and posted a detailed Instructable for the ImPrinter, the Electric Imp wireless, Internet-connected thermal printer. If you’re interested in having the day’s weather forecast waiting on a little slip of paper by your morning coffee, or building an old-school stock ticker that reels off prices, check out the Instructable to learn how easy it is to make one.

Unlike most of the US, the weather this winter around the Electric Imp home office in Northern California has been unseasonably warm. So this week, we’re rolling right into grilling season with the introduction of an Instructable for the Imp Chef Internet-Connected BBQ Thermometer. When the weather warms up in your neck of the woods, you can impress dinner guests by building a meat thermometer that sends temperature data directly to a website that you can conveniently view on your smartphone. Pretty tasty, eh?


Both instructables were written by Tom Byrne, one of Electric Imp’s clever and multi-talented engineers.

Hugo Goes Bicoastal
If you’re interested in meeting Electric Imp CEO and Co-founder Hugo Fiennes, and getting the inside scoop on our connectivity platform, swing by this Wednesday’s Internet of Things Silicon Valley meetup at Hacker Dojo in Mountain View, California. The event runs from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.

If you’re not on the West Coast, you can also connect with Hugo and hear him speak in New York City at HardwiredNYC on Wednesday, February 19.

That wraps things up for now. We’re looking forward to an exciting year ahead in the Internet of Things and continuing to offer you the best Internet connectivity platform.

Until next time, keep on making!

Tom Sarris
Communications Manager