Electric Imp today announced that the Electric Imp platform will support the new single-chip WiFi microcontroller available now for customer sampling and going into production in Q1 2015 from Marvell Technology Group Ltd. Marvell (NASDAQ: MRVL) is a worldwide leader in providing complete silicon solutions from mobile communications to storage, Internet of Things (IoT), cloud infrastructure, digital entertainment and in-home content delivery enabling the “Smart Life and Smart Lifestyle.”

 The Marvell 88MW30x combines a microcontroller and WiFi in a single chip, complementing Electric Imp’s current WiFi connectivity options with a new highly integrated, cost-optimized device for manufacturers to increase the capability and value of their products by connecting them to the Internet. The chip integrates seamlessly with the full Electric Imp platform – hardware, OS, software, APIs, cloud services, security and management tools – dramatically decreasing development cost and time to market, empowering manufacturers to create the best and smartest products and services possible.


Because the impOS runs applications within a virtual machine, code running on any imp device can be seamlessly moved to other devices in the imp family, enabling applications to migrate either up or down the cost-performance curve as necessary. As with all imps, every device in the field is paired with a pico server in the cloud where heavy processing and cloud I/O can be implemented and effortlessly scaled, eliminating the need to add increased cost, complexity, and power consumption to the device itself. 

“The Electric Imp platform is architected to enable flexible and scalable solutions for manufacturers to connect their devices to the Internet, and bring them to market as quickly as possible,” said Hugo Fiennes, CEO and Co-founder of Electric Imp. “This new device from Marvell maintains the high level of functionality users expect from our platform, whilst expanding its reach to customers seeking ever more cost effective options for connectivity.”

“Marvell’s EZ-Connect Wireless micro-controller SoCs (system on a chip), including the latest single-chip WiFi Micro-controller (88MW30x), provide highly optimized silicon solutions for a broad range of IoT applications. We are pleased to partner with Electric Imp to enable a broad reach for our SoC solutions to customers worldwide,” said Philip Poulidis, Vice President and General Manager, Mobile and Internet of Things Business Units at Marvell. “The Electric Imp platform combined with our 88MW30x SoC provides a comprehensive IoT solution and we expect it to significantly accelerate the development of IoT products.”

Since launching in 2012, the Electric Imp platform has quickly grown to become the market leading Internet connectivity service. Electric Imp has shipped hundreds of thousands of units and its connectivity solution is used by a variety of companies in more than 25 diverse product categories. Electric Imp is the ideal solution for manufacturers of industrial and commercial products serving the smart building, green building, appliance, office equipment, and home automation sectors.                

For information about pricing and availability of the Marvell 88MW30x imp platform (imp004), please contact a Marvell sales representative or the Electric Imp sales team at sales@electricimp.com.

Electric Imp and Marvell will be showcasing the new platform at the Consumer Electronics Show, January 6-9, 2015. The Marvell booth is located at The Venetian Ballroom at Sands Expo, Level 3, Murano Rooms 3304 – 3306. Please contact Electric Imp at sales@electricimp.com to schedule an in-depth demonstration in the Electric Imp suite.