Electric Imp is designed to be the core of your connectivity, and today we are announcing the expansion of the imp lineup with the availability of the new solder-down imp002 module.

The imp002 module has the same advanced connectivity functionality as the imp001 card, and benefits users who are seeking a more flexible solution by incorporating twice the I/Os – 12 I/Os compared to six in the imp001 card. The imp002 module also provides the flexibility to locate the phototransistor and LED wherever needed. Installation of the module in a device reduces complexity and cost by allowing manufacturers and developers to use the imp as the permanent main processor.


Inside each imp card and module is a powerful processor that runs on the imp OS and the manufacturer’s application, making it simple to connect any device to the Internet through Electric Imp’s combined cloud service and hardware solution.

Additional information about the imp002 module, including release notes and specifications, can be found on the Electric Imp Developer Wiki, or by contacting sales@electricimp.com. The imp002 module is currently available for purchase through Digi-Key.

Lolo Fong
Senior Project Manager