We just posted a major update to the Electric Imp app, used to configure development devices with BlinkUp™ and by our customers to set up their factory hardware. We’ve brought the app right up to date with a new, modern user interface design, a more engaging user experience, and greater consistency between the Android and iOS versions.

New EI app UI

For the updated app’s initial release, we’ve focused on the user experience. For example, new users are now guided through the process step by step, showing them what to expect and what they need to do at each stage. Now both OS versions alert you to the completion of BlinkUp process with a simple sound and a shake. Both versions are now at release 4.0.0, and we’ll be synchronizing all major releases going forward.

You can expect a number of further updates to be posted throughout the year. We’ll be adding more functionality to help you better manage the devices you configure and to support new imp modules we have in the pipeline, including the imp005.

The revised app is available now on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. Depending on how your mobile device is configured, you may be alerted to the update, or it may download and install automatically.

As always, please let us know what you think of the new UI, and what features you’d like to see us add to future updates. Post your thoughts in the forum.

Ishita Shah,
User Experience Designer,
Electric Imp