Electric Imp is taking its show on the road this fall through a series of platform demos, speaking sessions and workshops at various premier tech industry events in the US and Ireland, where we will lead discussions about the Internet of Things and highlight the company’s role as the leading connectivity solution

If you are planning to attend any of the events outlined below and want to learn more about Electric Imp and our platform, please stop by to say hello. We would love to meet you.

New Relic FutureStack (San Francisco, October 8-9)

First up is this week’s New Relic FutureStack conference. You may recall that last year’s inaugural event showcased a clever and widely hailed Internet-connected attendee badge powered by the Electric Imp platform. The groundbreaking badge featured Near Field Communication (NFC) antennae and enabled attendees to dispense with business cards (so 20th century!) and swap contact information by “bumping” two badges together.

The popular badge returns this year with a cool electronic-paper display and an interface that allows attendees to rate and vote on talks and events and play games – and, of course, exchange contact data. Best of all, after the conference New Relic will unlock the badges and publish code so that attendees can use the Electric Imp platform and hack away at them to their heart’s content.


Electric Imp’s Community Manager Matt Haines will further showcase our platform at FutureStack through his Hack ALL the Things talk at 3 p.m. on Thursday, October 9, an overview for software developers of the various popular hardware platforms.

Salesforce Dreamforce (San Francisco, October 13-16)

At Dreamforce next week, Electric Imp will host a series of workshops to showcase the functionality and features of the Electric Imp platform, and how it can be used to easily and quickly prototype and ship IoT products. Participants will be provided with hardware uniquely created for the event which features two buttons, an LED and an infrared transmitter and receiver.


The 45 minute workshops on October 13 (10 a.m.), 15 (9 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.) and 16 (9 a.m.) are designed to engage participants in four projects that demonstrate how the Electric Imp platform can be used to connect devices to external web services such as Salesforce.com, and how to perform simple device-to-device communication via an infrared protocol.

Electric Imp can also be found at a booth in Dreamforce’s IoT Zone in the Moscone West conference hall.  

IoT Architecture Conference (San Francisco, October 21-22)

Connected devices are hard to build. Building a platform from the ground up that successfully solves the myriad of connectivity challenges is hard too. In his IoT Architecture conference presentation Architecting an IoT Platform, Hugo Fiennes, CEO and Co-founder of Electric Imp, will speak to the challenges Electric Imp has encountered and learned from – designing and managing scalability, security, and various connectivity protocols, among others – on the way to building the market leading connectivity platform.

Transitioning at the conference from the micro to the macro of the Internet of Things, Electric Imp CFO Oliver Hutaff will offer insight into the True Value of the IoT. While the potential value of the IoT has been estimated in the trillions of dollars, the specifics of how businesses can tap into those trillions to create and realize revenue and value-add benefits has been largely unaddressed. Oliver will spotlight which industries and business verticals have the highest potential benefit, the reasons why companies should pursue an IoT model, and identify where and how businesses can achieve revenue and value generation opportunities.

GigaOm Structure Connect (San Francisco, October 22)

Electric Imp thinks about security. A lot. In fact, a key differentiating aspect of the Electric Imp platform is its industry leading security infrastructure. At GigaOm Structure Connect, Hugo will participate in an engaging panel discussion – Lock Your WiFi and Update Your Firmware: Securing the Internet of Things –  about just how important it is to secure your IoT devices.

The IoT Business Silicon Valley Meetup (Sunnyvale, Calif., November 6)

If you cannot attend Oliver’s IoT Architecture conference presentation, fear not. Bryan Kennedy, VP Strategic Development for Electric Imp, will provide similar insights about how businesses can derive value from an IoT strategy at the IoT Business Silicon Valley Meetup. The meetup is free, but be sure to reserve a spot as soon as possible if you are interested in attending.


Web Summit (Dublin, Ireland, November 4-6)

As one of the tech industry’s definitive events, Ireland’s prestigious Web Summit annually features the most noteworthy and compelling innovators from the tech world. Electric Imp is privileged to be part of this year’s event where Hugo will provide insights into the Internet of Things and the role Electric Imp will play in shaping the future of an increasingly connected world.  

RobotsConf (Amelia Island, Florida, December 6-7)

Electric Imp is the Internet of Things sponsor for RobotsConf, an intensive 48-hour conference aimed at turning software developers into Makers. Electric Imp will be presenting an overview of the Internet of Things from a Maker’s perspective, as well as providing hardware for participants and teaching various workshops throughout the weekend.

We hope to see you at these upcoming events.

Tom Sarris
Communications Manager