Today is Global IoT Day and we’re pleased as Internet-connected peaches to be celebrating it with such a wonderful community. We believe that the real innovation and creativity within the IoT space isn’t being driven by big companies, although they’re certainly providing important infrastructure and support, but by makers like you. You are the developers and artists who are pushing the IoT movement forward, and redefining what connectivity can mean for physical devices. You are the developers who will come up with The Next Big Thing.

In honor of Global IoT Day, we’re partnering with our friends at MakeDeck for a contest that runs today, and today only! We want you to tell us what the Internet of Things means to you, and how it can change the way we live, work, communicate and play.

We want you to do this by telling us about your dream connected product.

Submit your ideas in 140 characters or less on today’s contest post on our Facebook wall, or tweet them with the hashtag #IoTDreamProduct. We’ll award some cool swag to the Most Inspirational, and the Most Compelling and Viable (with today’s technology) device submissions. Winners will receive a ever-fashionable Electric Imp t-shirt and a MakeDeck P3V3 DevBoard to implement their idea with. We might even take a stab at designing some of the products in our next internal hackathon (with your permission of course).

So get your creativity on and tell us what you think should be connected. Submission deadline is tonight, April 9, at 11:59 PM (PDT).

Matt Haines
Community Manager