At Electric Imp, we’re pretty fond of this part of the year. Besides being the time that Maker Faire rolls around, it’s also the first anniversary of the announcement of the imp, and the second anniversary of Electric Imp’s founding.

Looking back, we’re not only amazed at how quickly time has passed, but by how much we’ve accomplished – thanks in no small part to you, the amazing Electric Imp community, who have been hard at work building things and telling us what works, what doesn’t, and what things you would like to see next. This ever-growing collective of enthusiastic makers, inventors and nearly 5,000 developers from 97 countries are as excited about building the Internet of Things as we are, and we’re incredibly grateful for their continuing belief in the imp and our platform – and for all the creative and clever devices they have made with it.

Over the past year we’ve also formed a number of noteworthy developer and manufacturer relationships that have helped establish us as a leader and pioneer in the Internet of Things. With an abundance of manufacturers, including Quirky and GE, Budweiser (through Buzz and Anomaly), and Apigy (the Lockitron) using the imp to connect their products, we’ve been impressed by the ingenuity of those adopting the platform. We’re also continuing to see great imp-powered projects on Kickstarter and Indigogo – Hiku, Pintofeed, smARtMaker, and the WiFi Air Particle Sensor – to name a few. Take a look at what they’re doing if you have a chance.

Along with all these new devices using the imp, we’ve continued to expand our list of distributors to make imps as easy to get a hold of as possible, and are excited to announce that imps can now also be found at DigiKey and smARtMaker, joining our existing distribution partners SparkFun and Adafruit.

This is just the beginning of our mission to bring Internet connectivity to devices everywhere. This past year we’ve shipped imp cards and development boards, and the range is expanding with the imp module that’s about to enter volume production. We also continued to advance the impOS and platform with new features, agent and IDE beta releases, and more open sourced reference designs to help people build great things quickly and at scale.

The growing momentum of the imp platform has also been matched within the Electric Imp team, which has quickly expanded from six in the US and UK last May to nearly 20 incredibly talented imps now, many of whom we got in one place to photograph. If you think you have what it takes to help us on our mission, you should talk to us!


The Internet of Things is rapidly changing the world, and we’re excited to be helping pioneer this movement. We hope that what we’ve built, and will continue developing over the coming weeks, months and years, creates a more connected world and enables you to play an active role in the revolution too.

Here’s to a well connected future!

Hugo Fiennes
CEO and Co-founder