Electric Imp has unveiled its service roadmap to show how we will meet the evolving needs of our current and future customers. We are extending the reach of the imp Cloud services we offer with a series of fresh options for customers who require a more tailored service, including dedicated server, private cloud and enterprise-hosted options.

Electric Imp currently provides our customers with a fully managed and hosted multi-tenant service which allows them to focus on the needs of their end-users, while we take care of all the provisioning, availability, scalability and security challenges implicit in maintaining a leading edge platform for connected products.

But we know that this one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t suit every customer, or that customers for whom it’s the right approach today may need different levels of service, customization and ownership tomorrow as their businesses continue to grow.

Each of our customers have distinctive needs, and Electric Imp is committed to providing all of our valued partners with the service that best meets their particular requirements – now and in the future. The new options help those customers who have certain data hygiene requirements, commercial or legal stipulations as to server ownership, or specific geographic requirements for their backend services.

All of the service tiers are described in more detail on the new Electric Imp website.

Hugo Fiennes

Electric Imp CEO