To celebrate Global IoT Day this past Wednesday, we held a contest in conjunction with MakeDeck asking you to share what your #IoTDreamProduct would be. We had a good number of fun and clever submissions, and we’re pleased to announce the two winners.

Congratulations to @devonelliott for his idea of a connected garbage can.

The overall consensus was that while it is a very simple idea, it is also very practical – and folks agreed it was a product they would be interested in having. One of the compelling features about the device is its extendibility. Along with simply displaying when it is garbage collection day, it can track how much waste you’re creating and alert you if you are above the average for your neighborhood, potentially decreasing the amount of waste we produce.

We’re all for that. Very inspiring and eco-friendly!

We give a hearty toast to our next prize winner, @viccarre, for his idea of a connected beer dispenser.

We have seen a variety of similar projects, such as the KegBot, but we’re excited by the idea of using connected beverage dispensers at sports and entertainment venues to streamline the process of ordering to reduce waiting line times.

Our dream connected-tap also includes this wonderful idea submitted by Tony Smith, Electric Imp’s Tech Writer:

Finding new and innovative ways to monetize products is an important step in the evolution of the Internet of Things. Pushing alerts to subscribed users about new beers on tap or specials, such as cheaper drinks when the opposing team strikes out, is a great example we’ll happily raise our glasses to.

Thanks again for all of your terrific submissions. Even if you didn’t win, we encourage you to pursue and build your ideas! We’ll be sending Devon and Victor a fancy Electric Imp t-shirt and P3V3 development board from MakeDeck to try prototyping their ideas with!

Happy Hacking!

Matt Haines
Community Manager