Intelligent Buildings are ripe for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). IDC estimates that investments in intelligent building technologies will exceed $17 billion by 2019. Due to their known payback and business value, energy management and lighting efficiency technologies are most touted for making homes and businesses “smarter”.

However, Electric Imp customer Liberty Pumps is adding a new dimension to Intelligent Buildings: monitoring of liquids and effluents to avoid significant damage and loss.

Liberty Pumps’ NightEye uses the Electric Imp Platform to create and automate alarms concerning rising fluid levels in sump, sewage and water pump applications.

Recognized as both a product manufacturing and innovation leader within its industry, Liberty Pumps saw an opportunity to leverage IIoT to create products tha meet customer demands for new, data-driven innovations. In this case, mobile applications that provide real-time alerts and data insights into fluids levels and equipment operation are rare. The instant popularity of NightEye underscores the value of Liberty Pumps’ first foray into IoT.

Congratulations to Liberty Pumps for delivering a great IoT-connected product in under 12 months. We’re very pleased that Electric Imp’s IoT device connectivity and application enablement platform helped make that possible.

Carol Schmitt
Head of Product Marketing

You can read more about Liberty Pumps’ imp-enabled solution here