Today we are announcing the availability of version 2.0 of the Electric Imp app for Android devices, which includes new enhancements to BlinkUp.


This new version of the Android app is compatible with more devices and includes UI and UX features specifically designed for Android. The Electric Imp app enables you to easily connect your Imp-enabled device to the Internet in seconds using our licensable, patent-pending BlinkUp technology. With Imp connectivity, you can remotely monitor and control the activity of your devices at home or out in the field.

Inventors, makers and developers can use the imp to Internet connect a variety of useful devices, ranging from weather indicators and coffee makers to garage door openers and thermal printers.

Version 2.0 defaults to using tri-level BlinkUp, which requires Electric Imp Release 18 or higher; Release 25.2 is the current release for all imps. We have included a “Legacy BlinkUp Mode” if the tri-level mode does not work upon initial BlinkUp.


To utilize the app, which is intended for developers, you will need an Electric Imp developer kit (including an imp card) and an Electric Imp account.


The Electric Imp app is also available in an iOS version.


We always appreciate hearing from you, so please feel free to submit questions or comments about the Android or iOS Electric Imp apps to our forums.

Mayumi Matsuno
Director of Product