Electric Imp is happy to welcome four new team members to our ever-growing fold – Paul Evans,  William Wang, Werner Brandt and Karan Malik.

To complement the growing worldwide interest in Electric Imp and the Internet of Things, Paul and William will lead our sales efforts in Europe and Asia, respectively. As Director of Sales for Europe, Paul has held roles over a twenty-plus year career in the semiconductor industry at IBM, Xilinx and NXP. He recognized that the Internet of Things would offer the next growth cycle in the semiconductor industry and was keen to join Electric Imp to focus his attention in this burgeoning space.

Paul’s ultimate connected product would be an imp-enabled smart-box, which upon the removal of the item inside would “self bill” it through the cloud, reducing costly inventory checks. The device could apply to a variety of vertical markets – hospitals, manufacturing facilities, automated plants, and retail – where high value items are stored for use.

Paul studied Electrical Engineering at Southampton University in England, and is based in Electric Imp’s Cambridge, England office.

Like Paul, William comes to Electric Imp with a wealth of experience in the tech sector, including home networking and advanced cloud technologies, which he will draw upon to manage sales activities in Asia. Prior to Electric Imp, William held roles at Splashtop, Corel Corporation and InterVideo, Inc.

William received a bachelor’s degree in Telecommunication Engineering from National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan, and a master’s in Electronic Engineering from Penn State University.  

With a keen interest in the health of our planet, William would like to see an imp-enabled device created that could be used to monitor the environment to prevent water and air pollution.

As Accounting Manager, Werner brings to Electric Imp finance expertise from leading companies within the technology and biotech sectors. A Bay Area native, he graduated from San Jose State University with a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics and MBA in Finance and Accounting. Werner is a Certified Public Accountant.

Werner joined Electric Imp because he was excited to be part of a new and leading edge technology, which as he aptly puts it, “has the potential to simplify and enrich all of our lives by connecting the everyday tools that are most important to us.” In fact, his ideal imp-enabled device would do just that. Werner would love to have an onboard tool that monitors a car’s tire pressures, then communicates with an air pump to dispense the perfect amount air for each tire whenever needed.

Karan joins Electric Imp as a marketing communications intern from Claremont McKenna College, where he is a junior majoring in Economics-Accounting. He was particularly interested in Electric Imp since he sees the Internet of Things as the next big thing, and is excited about helping further Electric Imp’s role within the growing sector.  

Karan has a big interest in automobiles, and would one day like to have a Internet-connected car that can be controlled through a smartphone. Since most cars have on-board computers these days, the IoT has the potential to enable drivers to communicate with their automobiles in a variety of beneficial ways. At the very least, Karan thinks that having the ability to preheat car seats on cold winter days through a smartphone app sounds like the best thing ever!

If you would like to join Werner, Paul, William, Karan and all the other folks at Electric Imp, be sure to visit the Jobs page on our website where we recently posted openings for several new role

Tom Sarris
Communications Manager