Update New Relic IoT Workshop rescheduled to August 16th.

Gartner Group points to security and interoperability as being the two most common factors delaying production roll-outs of industrial and commercial IoT. We couldn’t agree more.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be discussing IoT-connected security in more depth. For interoperability, there’s no better way to understand the importance of easy-yet-highly-flexible integration between devices embedded applications, sensors and components, and their public or private cloud services, enterprise applications and data analytics.

Along with our open-source library of over 25 leading industrial and enterprise application integrations, join us for some hands-on, old-fashioned interoperability show-and-tell at:

Sensors Expo, June 22-23 at McEnery Convention Center, San Jose, California

MEMSIC is an Electric Imp partner that provides advanced semiconductor sensors and multi-sensor system solutions. In booth 634, you can see a variety of its sensors designed to address inertial and flow-sensing challenges for edge IoT-connected devices.

In particular, check out the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) demo featuring a MEMSIC high-accuracy, low-noise vibration-immune accelerometer. It’s connected securely to the cloud via the Electric Imp Platform to showcase comparative advantages of real-time streaming of clean acceleration data with its new accelerometer versus a leading competitor. For UAVs, this kind of real-time data increases position accuracy when on autopilot. It also enables monitoring of attitude and dynamics to tell the UAV to return home for maintenance or if it needs to land immediately. The sensor integration with Electric Imp was accomplished in less than a week and highlights the power of connecting the innovative MEMSIC sensor line to Electric Imp’s secure and seamless connectivity platform.

Also come and join our CEO, Hugo Fiennes, as he walks through tips for delivering low-power, low-latency devices that are reliably connected to public or private clouds. His session is ‘EM9: Designing a Secure Battery Powered WiFi Connected Sensors’ and it takes place on June 23 at 2:30pm.

New Relic IoT Workshop with New Relic, August 16 at 5pm, San Francisco, California

Join New Relic, which provides software analytics that makes sense of billions of metrics about millions of applications in real-time, and Electric Imp as we illustrate the powerful insights generated by IoT. The workshop features both practical and creative ways to leverage the IoT with the combined Electric Imp and New Relic platforms, plus expert advice and tutorials, and good eats. We will also be giving awards to the most innovative use of the Electric Imp and New Relic technologies.

Register now for this free workshop.

Electric Imp is committed to helping our customers accelerate their IoT deployments at scale. Partnerships with companies like MEMSIC, New Relic and others in our fast-growing partner ecosystem take the complexity and delay out of IoT integration. Hope to see you at these events!

Carol Schmitt,
Head of Product Marketing,
Electric Imp