When it comes to connectivity in industrial and commercial environments, we agree with analysts (like Gartner) that see lack of skill, limited engineering availability and difficulty managing ever-evolving security requirements as the biggest hurdles to overcome when looking at IoT.

To address these issues, most of the product developers we’ve talked with over the years struggle with balancing desires for rapid time to market against the realities of their engineering availability. How can they prototype and test faster while managing trials using fewer resources and less cost?

Based on these experiences, we built our new IoT QuickStart™ Family, which we are pleased to announce launch today.

The initial and future products within our IoT QuickStart Family are purpose-built to address our customers’ most frequently-requested networking and automation requirements for prototypes, pilots and field tests.

With the IoT QuickStart Family, we’re making it even easier to connect devices, using the same platform from product inception on through to a product’s production to eventual decommissioning and end of life. The IoT QuickStart Family initially includes three distinct product lines: new impAccelerator™ Solution Kits, new impExplorer™ Kits, and the growing line of Electric Imp Breakout Boards.

impAccelerator Solution Kits expedite development of complex, secure IoT cloud and edge applications and devices. The first three models available include:

  • impAccelerator: Fieldbus Gateway — Designed for HVAC control and monitoring, predictive maintenance, lighting controls, factory automation and other industrial control systems, the Fieldbus Gateway delivers a securely programmable endpoint that can interact with multiple field buses, including Modbus-RTU, Modbus-TCP, BACnet, and more. Powered by power over ethernet (PoE), 8-40V AC/DC or USB, it communicates over Ethernet or dual-band WiFi, and can be easily expanded with its Mikrobus & XBee sockets and USB host port.
  • impAccelerator: Wireless Communications Gateway — This flexible alternative to Linux wireless gateways helps improve security and dramatically lower both initial and ongoing maintenance costs. For application flexibility, the gateway is capable of supporting multiple wireless networks including Zigbee®, ZWave, LoRA™, sub-GHz radios and more.
  • impAccelerator: Battery Powered Sensor Node — Provides secure environmental monitoring with four built-in sensors for applications such as commercial refrigeration, stores or transport. Also supports 1-Wire® devices and can be powered for years using two AA batteries.

Our IoT QuickStart Family includes new products like impAccelerator: Fieldbus Gateway. Early adopters of the Fieldbus Gateway have cut 9-12 weeks from their development cycles and many months off engineering schedules to deliver and field test their IoT-connected products.

Electric Imp Breakout Boards
Electric Imp Breakout Boards are the next step in IoT product creation. Available for each module in the imp family, the Breakout Boards provide the module with power, all necessary external components and antennas, and expose the available interfaces on the module, allowing for quick prototyping and characterization in real-world device, cloud and mobile applications. Three versions are currently available based on modules from Murata, including the imp003, imp004m and imp005.

impExplorer Kits
impExplorer Kits help software developers learn about — or train others — how to connect to the IoT using the imp platform without needing to breadboard or add additional components. The process of collecting environmental data, including temperature, humidity, air pressure and motion is simplified, and gathered data securely sent to a wide range of off-the-shelf cloud service integrations. The kits also provide real-world output, with an RGB LED for user feedback, and Grove connectors for solderless expansion.

With our QuickStart Family, industrial-strength IoT has never been easier. Check out our full press release for more information. Pricing and availability for the QuickStart Family of IoT solutions can be found here.

Hugo Fiennes
Electric Imp