Electric Imp would like to wish Rachio a very happy first anniversary, but more importantly congratulate Rachio and their customers for together conserving more than 145 million gallons of water to date. That’s more than 3,800 backyard swimming pools, and the savings are not stopping there. This amazing achievement is all due to Rachio’s Iro intelligent sprinkler controller system.

The Iro, which Rachio shipped a year ago, makes it very easy for householders to manage their outdoor water consumption. By connecting a sprinkler to the Internet through Electric Imp’s cloud platform, the Iro takes the guesswork out of when to water a lawn. Iro only activates its sprinklers when necessary, saving the consumer water and money. No wonder it’s the number one bestseller on Amazon for Automatic Irrigation Controllers. It’s also available in Home Depot stores.

As words aren’t always the best way to describe the accomplishments of a product, together with Rachio we’ve created an infographic to demonstrate how Iro and Imp collaborate to impact an issue of genuine public concern. We call it “the Internet of Conservation”.

Water conservation is an issue of worldwide importance, but here at the Electric Imp HQ, we’re especially sensitive to this topic because the state of California is committed to reducing water consumption by 25 percent. We are excited to be part of products like the Iro that are helping to make goals like this not only achievable but also easy for everyone to contribute.

So, congratulations again to Rachio. We are really excited to see how the company continues to innovate in the important space of resource conservation as it expands its business into new markets and fresh retail channels.


The Electric Imp Team