Using a connectivity platform to bring Internet capability to a product line can provide a variety of benefits to appliance manufacturers, including greatly accelerated development time, significant cost savings and reduced time to market.

Roolen, an innovative Taiwan-based manufacturer of appliances, was able to realize these gains and more by using the Electric Imp connectivity platform to bring connected features to its successful Breath product line. Breath is sleekly designed to make living spaces more cozy and comfortable, and is the first in a line of Internet connected appliances from Roolen intended to be simple, smart and elegant.


Breath is a practical and simple-to-use humidifier designed for a connected world. It can be conveniently controlled online remotely to adjust humidity levels and other functions through an app downloaded to an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. The app increases the functionality and utility of the humidifier by enabling personalized scheduling, usage tracking, and through a database which provides insight and feedback to help tailor Breath to user habits and save energy.


When Roolen conceived of Internet connectivity for Breath, a variety of solutions were considered. However, most connectivity options inconveniently required Roolen to build and maintain their own cloud service and security protocols. That led them to Electric Imp, which offered the most comprehensive and powerful connectivity platform – including fully integrated hardware, software, OS, APIs, cloud servers and security – which decreased development cost and time to market from years to months, empowering Roolen to focus on creating the best and smartest product possible.

Breath is widely available for purchase online through Amazon or Brookstone. Roolen is expanding the availability of Breath to China, and will utilize the Electric Imp platform for its future air purifier and thermostat connected products.

To learn more about Breath, please visit the Roolen website.