As Electric Imp’s industry footprint continues to expand, we are actively extending our series of ready-made integrations with partners and the wider IoT technology ecosystem to further enable the rapid delivery of a wide range of robust end-to-end solutions for our customers.

To that end, we are proud to announce the first release of our Microsoft Azure IoT Hub library for the Electric Imp Platform. This library (available as open source under the MIT license) simply drops into a customer’s application running in the Electric Imp Cloud and instantly provides integration (device registration, management and data exchange) between customers’ imp-enabled devices in the field and the Microsoft Azure IoT Hub via our unique agent technology.


The Azure IoT Hub extends Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Platform to help customers build, deploy and maintain cloud-hosted IoT applications, providing scalable tools that allow customers to analyze device data relayed from the Electric Imp Cloud by our library, and to act on the insights this analysis provides.

Using our new Azure IoT Hub library dramatically improves the experience and time-to-market for customers building sophisticated IoT solutions with Microsoft Azure. Customers can now focus on delivering the business value of their connected product and leave the challenges of device connectivity, security and maintenance to Electric Imp’s unique and proven platform.

For full details of the Azure IoT Hub library’s capabilities, visit the Electric Imp Dev Center which includes instructions and sample code. You can also check out the other libraries that make it easy to integrate a wide range of cloud services with the Electric Imp Platform.

Terrence Barr
Senior Solutions Architect