Delivering unique features

The Electric Imp imp006 is the most sophisticated imp we have built to date. Delivered as a pre-programmed STM32F423ZHJ6I ready to be directly integrated on your PCB, it significantly reduces BOM cost when compared to other modules and brings unrivaled flexibility to your IoT designs.

  • Total wireless flexibility
    Out of the box, the imp006 supports the Quectel BG96 radio, providing CAT-M1 and NB-IoT with 2G fallback where available. It also supports multi-band WiFi. You choose which connectivity you need for your use-case: cellular, WiFi or both. If you include WiFi, choose between low-cost single-band or flexible dual-band options.
  • GNSS
    Include cellular in your imp006-based design and get full global location detection and tracking capabilities too provided by the BG96.
  • BLE
    Include WiFi in your imp006-based design and you get personal area networking, including wireless BlinkUp™, too.
  • Massive hardware connectivity
    The imp006 exposes 54 GPIO pins which also provide parallel access to seven UARTs, four SPI channels, seven I2C buses and eight PWM outputs.

Leveraging a mature platform

Like all imps, the imp006 naturally gets the full support of our fully managed, battle tested platform, including:

  • Lifetime security coverage.
  • Fail-safe over-the-air OS and application updating.
  • Sophisticated device and cloud-based agent architecture.
  • Complete cross-module software compatibility.
  • Proven volume manufacturing workflow for your IoT product.
  • Powerful fleet management tools that scale from one device upwards.

Ready to begin evaluating the imp006?

imp006 breakout kit

The Electric Imp imp006 Breakout Kit is the ideal platform for trying out the imp006 and the Electric Imp Platform. An on-board Quectel BG96 global Cat-M/2G/NB-IoT modem and Super SIM provide cellular connectivity, now provided by KORE Wireless. The BG96 also provides GNSS location services, antennas included. A Murata LBEE5HY1MW wireless module brings dual-band WiFi and BLE capability. Integrated sensors, LEDs and Grove connectors allow you to begin experimenting straight away without soldering, and a click socket enables additional expansion.

Explore the Electric Imp Platform

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  • Ecosystem See how Electric Imp’s network of partners across the technology space — cloud, hardware, software and services — can help complete your IoT application.