By Terrence Barr
Head of Solutions Engineering
Electric Imp

In May, Electric Imp announced impCellular, which dramatically simplifies the complexities of cellular IoT and enables our customers to rapidly deliver secure, cost effective, and ubiquitous commercial-grade IoT solutions. This is Cellular IoT, Reinvented.  To learn more about impCellular and how it accelerates your business, please see the impCellular pages.

Getting Started with impCellular

The impC001 Cellular Breakout Board Kit with impCellular service is now available at the Electric Imp online store and includes everything you need:

  • impC001 module with application processor and LTE-Cat 1 connectivity (2G/3G fallback based in regions)
  • impC Breakout Board with a range of sensors, interfaces, and support for rechargeable battery (not included)
  • LTE antenna & USB power supply
  • Designed to fit into an New Age IPX7 enclosure (see picture, enclosure not included)
  • Ready to use: Pre-provisioned multi-network cellular service, managed OS and security, and fully supported by the Electric Imp platform

To get started, follow the impC001 Breakout Board Getting Started Guide. You should have your first cellular end-to-end IoT application running in less than an hour. Using the commercial-grade Electric Imp service ensures that your IoT application is already fully secure, managed, and scalable — meaning it can move to a commercial product rapidly and seamlessly.

Moving to a Commercial Product

Moving from concept to a commercial product is easy: Use our no-cost reference designs to create your customized product hardware with an M2 connector. The impC001 module can be ordered in volume by contacting us, and is PTCRB “end device” certified. It plugs into the M2 connector on your customized hardware and enables your product intelligence and cloud connectivity via the Electric Imp service. The M2 connector also gives you the flexibility to configure your product with the upcoming lower-cost impC002 (LTE-Cat M/NB-IoT).

Then, deploy your application to all your devices and the cloud via the push of a button from the impCentral operations console. You will be shipping your connected product or service in record time, just like many of our customers.

Delivering Secure and Ubiquitous IoT Solutions has never been easier

impCellular is a new approach to IoT that is dramatically different from traditional cellular IoT offerings — more secure, more complete, and simpler to use. Rather than struggling with the complexity of connectivity, impCellular enables you to deliver the value of connectivity.

Product briefs:

Want to learn more about how we are reinventing Cellular IoT? Check out our impCellular pages, including hardware and service pricing.